A Quality Life: Episode 5, Mary’s Palliative Care Story

September 10, 2015

In this episode of our Quality Life series, we hear from Mary Tibbats, caregiver to her 88 year-old mother Mary Nolan, who has diabetes. After a rehab visit at the hospital to improve her blood flow, she went into congestive heart failure. Mary Tibbats shares how palliative care not only helped coordinate her mother’s care and improve her quality of life, but provided support to Mary as she dealt with caregiver burnout. … Read More

Living Well as a Caregiver: Mary’s Palliative Care Story

August 27, 2015

Mary Tibbats knows firsthand what it’s like to care for an aging parent. She is the primary caregiver of Mary Nolan, her 88 year-old mother who has diabetes, but enjoyed an active lifestyle.

“Mom was 88 years old, totally and completely independent, except she didn’t drive any longer but she lived on her own,” Mary said. “She paid her own bills, ordered her own medication, sorted her medication every week, cooked her own food, went out and played Bingo, crocheted, did everything, totally independent, got up and around.” … Read More

A Quality Life: Episode 4, Malcolm’s Palliative Care Story

August 7, 2015

In this episode of our Quality Life series, we hear from Malcolm, a 51 year-old Philadelphia man whose life changed dramatically when he was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma. Malcolm shares how palliative care helped manage his pain and improved his quality of life. … Read More

Living Well with Multiple Myeloma: Malcolm’s Palliative Care Story

July 30, 2015

Malcolm White loves the Philadelphia Eagles and socializing with his friends. But when the 51 year-old was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma, he experienced so much pain that it became hard to focus on anything else.

“It started out gradually with, you know, pain and stiffness in the back, which gradually got worse where it became really hard to move around,” he explained. “It started early, at the beginning of this year and it got progressively worse to where I saw a doctor and had some X-rays and they ran some tests and that’s when I was diagnosed.” … Read More

A Quality Life: Episode 3, Shari and Jim’s Palliative Care Story

June 25, 2015

In this episode, we hear from Shari McClendon, who has pulmonary hypertension. We also speak to her husband and devoted caretaker, Jim. Shari and Jim detail the critical role that palliative care has played in improving their quality of life. Shari and Jim speak to how palliative care has supported their entire family in a variety of ways. … Read More

A Quality Life: Episode 2, The Shu Family’s Pediatric Palliative Care Story

June 12, 2015

In this episode, we hear from Dannell Shu, whose son was born with severe brain damage. Dannell discusses the role that pediatric palliative care played not just in improving Levi’s quality of life, but in supporting the entire family as it navigated the waters of his chronic condition. … Read More

A Quality Life: Episode 1, Christine’s Story

June 12, 2015

In the first episode of our Quality Life Series, we hear from Christine Buehlmann, a California woman whose life changed dramatically after she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and began receiving chemotherapy. Christine discusses how the physical and emotional symptoms of her disease and its treatment were hindering her quality of life, until she received palliative care. … Read More