Palliative Care Services
Right now an estimated 6,000,000 people in the US need palliative care.
Palliative Medicine Information
You can have palliative care at any age and any stage of a serious illness.

When you are facing a serious illness, you need relief from symptoms.  You need to better understand your condition and choices for care. You need to improve your ability to tolerate medical treatments. And, you and your family need to be able to carry on with everyday life. This is what palliative care can do.

  • What Is Palliative Care

    Learn more about adult and pediatric palliative care, refer to the glossary and get answers to some frequently asked questions.

  • How to Get Palliative Care

    Talk to your doctor, find a hospital and meet with your palliative care team. Just two simple steps to get palliative care.

  • Is Palliative Care Right for You

    Take a quiz to determine if palliative care is right for you or a loved one.

  • Resources

    Access links to important websites, videos and specific resources for clinicians, caregivers, the media and policymakers.

  • Blog

    Read real patient stories and learn about how palliative care can help you live well with serious illness.

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